Pop-up ads are the most intrusive kind of adverts. Annoying on a desktop PC or laptop, potentially ruinously expensive on a mobile device. Downloading heavy web-pages takes enough data: you don’t need the additional cost of paying to load up an ad man’s marketing message.
Fortunately for Android users, there is no reason to suffer from pop-ups on your mobile. And here we suggest three straightforward ways to stop pop-ups appearing on your Android phone. These tips will all work for Android tablets, too.
We suggest you tackle each of these in order. We suspect that simply enabling the pop-up blocker on your chosen browser will make things work better. But if you need to you can take a real belt-and-braces approach, and block ads at the poxy server level.

How to stop pop-up ads on Android: block pop-ups on Android browser and on Chrome

This is pretty straightforward. Open up the Android browser. Click the three dots menu icon you can see in the top right hand corner. Choose ‘Settings’ from the list.
Now select ‘Advanced’ from the menu that appears.
Ensure that ‘Block pop-ups’ is enabled. You shouldn’t ever see a pop-up ad on your Android smartphone when you use the Android browser.
Block Pop Ups on Android Browser
You can achieve a similar result with the Chrome browser. Open up Chrome, and then hit the three dots menu icon in the top righthand corner. Scroll down to ‘Settings’ and select it.
Scroll down to, and select, ‘Site Settings’, and then ‘Pop-ups’. Click that option. By default pop-ups will be blocked and the option will read ‘Pop-ups Block (recommended)’. But if pop-ups are allowed, move the slider to change this option. (See also: How to remove a virus from Android phone or tablet.)
Block Pop Ups on Chrome Browser


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