1. Remove All Tension from Your Body Step 01.jpg

    Consider getting a massage. Or alternatively you can do this yourself. This is a great way of releasing body muscle tension.

  2. Remove All Tension from Your Body Step 02.jpg

    Eat consistently. Many people have sporadic eating patterns which increases adrenaline and triggers body’s “fight or flight response” which creates the environment for annoying physical tension. Eating frequently keeps your metabolism at a healthy level which increases weight loss, energy levels and physical relaxation. Also try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can because the quality of your diet has a distinct effect on physical relaxation and emotional health. The diet of Neanderthals was largely meat-based… the average life span was also much shorter than now because of our incorporation of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  3. Remove All Tension from Your Body Step 03.jpg

    Disrupt harmful behavior patterns. Most people create tension by repeatedly reliving the same stressful situations over and over whether it’s working at a desk, driving, talking to someone, making phone calls or whatever. If you think working at your computer for hours a day contributes to physical tension… experiment in different ways to make the experience more relaxing and pleasurable. For example, if you are always hunched over in a chair… look into buying a better chair for your back, or if your neck is always aching while on the computer, put the monitor at a higher location so you have to look up with good and relaxing posture to view it. You don’t necessarily have to stop doing the stressful activity, but rather change how you are doing it.

  4. Remove All Tension from Your Body Step 04.jpg

    Exercise frequently. A lot of people don’t like exercising because they feel like it’s a waste of time. The solution to this problem is feeling productive while exercising. You can do that through audio and visual material. Watch educational material while on a treadmill, listen to an informative lecture while walking, have an enlightening conversation with someone while lifting weights, etc. Be creative.

  5. Remove All Tension from Your Body Step 05.jpg

    Try to think relaxing positive thoughts. It often happens that when the mind is relaxed that the body also follows suit.


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