Range Rover Jeep.

While I agree that those things can help sometimes, it will not determine how successful you will be with women. In fact, sometimes, those things can count against you.
Let me ask you: have you seen or heard about some rich guys that have girlfriends but the girls still go out to date other guys that are not as rich? I bet you have seen or at least heard of such. Sometimes, such girls even collect money from their rich boyfriends to spend on such riff raffs.
That means wooing hot girls is not about money, cars, looks and height. Wooing hot girls is all about doing the right things. It’s about doing what women want to see. It’s about not making the mistakes most men make.
Here are the mistakes most Nigerian men make with women. Avoid these mistakes and you will be “doing” more girls than you can handle.

Mistake 1: Respecting a woman too much

All our lives, we were taught to respect women and to shower praises on beautiful women. Do you know that in reality, this is not a good thing? Pretty girls don’t like it when you respect them too much or when you over compliment them.
You know why? They have heard such compliments over and over again even before you met them and they are going to hear it again. When you meet a hot girl and you stare at her, compliment her and cower at her feet, you would have joined the list of “weak” men she meets everyday. Hot girls do not like weak guys. Don’t be weak.

Mistake 2: Always trying to please a woman

When most men meet and start talking (and maybe dating) a hot girl, they begin to look for all ways to please her. They don’t want her to get upset and angry for fear of losing her. They are never late for a date, they call her every hour and so on. That is a very wrong move.
What it means is that you don’t feel secured. You believe that you don’t deserve her and that there are better guys out there that will snatch her from you if you don’t treat her well.
Getting a girl angry and upset is not a bad thing. As long her you’re not physically harming her or mentally abusing her, it’s okay to upset her sometimes. Women are strangely attracted to this.

Mistake 3: Allowing a potential romance turn to ordinary friendship

Has this ever happened to you? You meet a girl, like her and you begin to get along well. Along the line, you found out that you are becoming more of friends than lovers. Now, you don’t even know how to woo her because you have become very close.
This happens to a lot of guys all the time. They do not know how to draw the line with women. They do not know when to turn friendship into romance and how to stop a woman from turning you into ordinary friends.

Mistake 4: Not knowing how to approach girls

I remember a long time ago when I was new to wooing girls. Whenever I saw a hot girl I fancied, I will want to approach her and talk to her and all of a sudden, I’ll freeze. Even if I walked towards her, I’ll just walk past due to fear.
Not anymore. Most guys however still have this problem of approaching women. Let me tell you this. If you do not meet and approach women, you will not be able to get hot girls to date. It’s as simple as that.

Mistake 5: Trying to see a girl all the time

Lots of guys think that when they start dating a girl, it’s important to see her regularly to keep the love growing. This is a wrong assumption. Women do not like such guys. They view such guys as people without a life of their own. Women are not attracted to men without a life of their own.
Regular meetings do not encourage attraction. This is the opposite of what guys think. In reality, giving a woman space, time, leaving her to miss you will increase attraction. If you see a girl everyday at the beginning trying to show how much you like her, your chances of winning her over will be greatly diminished.

Mistake 6: Always asking her for approval to do things (like taking her out)

This is one of the traits that irritate women a lot. Women do not want men to look up to them all the time before they make decisions. They want to be “carried along” but they want to look up to their men and not the other way round.

If you try to please a beautiful woman all the time, she will not be attracted to you. They want a bit of pride and arrogance from you. Don’t appear to be a weakling.

Mistake 7: Not knowing what women want

Now listen up to hear the truth. There are certain things women (especially the hot ones) want in men. Once you cannot provide these things, they will not be attracted to you no matter how rich you are or how handsome you are.
Once you know these things, you will be sleeping with more girls than you have ever imagined. You will be the ultimate playboy you have always dreamed of.
Now, the question is…

How Can You Know These Secrets?

I’ve created a guide that will help you in wooing more girls that you can ever imagine. From now on, you will no longer be the timid guy you once were. Notice the guys around you that women fall for easily. You will be doing that easily. That is what my guide will be showing you.
Let me allow the cat out of the bag and reveal some of the quality stuffs you will discover in this guide
Why the bad guys get the hottest girls and how you can break the cycle
How to discover what hot women want so you can become very attractive to them
Why being a nice guy hardly ever works with beautiful women
The number one mistake most people trying to catch their cheating partners make. Make this mistake and you will never catch a cheat red handed!
How to outsmart the rich guys that lavish money on girls. This helps when you don’t have money to spend on girls
Does your partner act suspiciously with his or her mobile phone? I’ll show you how to secretly view their text messages EVEN IF THEY DELETE IT!
How to take control of encounters and relationships with women right from the first minute of meeting her so you can lay her as soon as possible
How to stop being paralyzed with fear whenever you meet a girl you like. That will stop TODAY!
How to tell if a girl is interested in you… and how to make her interested if she is currently not
The action you must take whenever you are talking to a girl on phone. You will increase your chance of laying her if you can do this easy stuff
How to “trip” a girl out without spending much money. Most guys spend a lot of money to take girls out. Don’t be like them
How tell whether its time to touch, kiss and have sex with a girl you are currently talking too
And lots more that I cannot reveal here. Only being in possession of this report can convince you of its work.


If you are one of the first set of people to order for this report, I’m going to hand you bonuses worth N9,000

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This is a rare collection of top notch articles that will turn you into a super star playboy almost overnight. The days of fidgeting around women is over, its time to take control. This report will show you how. You can get it for FREE today.
Now let me ask you. How much do you think this report is worth? Or rather, let me put the question this way: If you are to offer this report to others, how much will you offer it?
Before you answer that question, I want you to consider the value of what you will learn. It will save you lots of time, efforts and frustrations. Also, the value of the bonuses alone is N9,000
So how much should it be?


None of the above. You will get this no holds barred guide for only N2,500.
Yes, you saw that well. With only N2,500 I will send my guide “How To Woo Almost Any Girl In 30 Days or Less” into your email box so you can download and start using immediately.


Now I’m about to surprise you. You see, I’ve made you a nice offer but I just want to make you happier. If you are not absolutely satisfied with what I reveal to you in my guide after you order, just let me know and I will return the money you paid.
All you need to do is send me an email and I will send your money back. You don’t have anything to lose. All I ask is that you at least try out the techniques I shared in the guide.


Pay N2,500 into our bank account at any branch of SKYE Bank PLC.
Account Number: 1711770005407
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After your payment, send an email to me at yinkadavies @ with the following details.
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Once I confirm your deposit, I will send your order within 24 hours into your email box so you can download and read right away and you can print it out if you wish.
So that’s it. How long will you continue to hope you will get better with women? Don’t you think it’s better to learn how to woo as many girls as you want rather than watch other guys do it? My guide will help you become the ultimate playboy you want to be.
I’m waiting to hear from you.
Your Friend,
Ige Isaac
AKA The Dating Master

PS: Please note that this price is a kind of “launch” price. It will certainly be doubled at any time without notice.
PPS: This is a very easy decision for you to make. The value of the bonuses is higher that the price. It also comes with a money back guarantee.

What Do You Have To Lose?

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