Now we are going to look some Hardware Problems. I will introduce to you the hardware of the phones; the board contains front side and the back side. The back side contains many chips and this is very important because it form like a circuit without the other play a role or spoil then the whole phone will not function. Then the front is where there LCD connector play a role keypad connector and many more. It is very important for the repairer to know what equipment is suitable to remove the chip.There are many chips: 

1)    Power IC = Supply the current to the whole part of the phone.
                The supply of the current can only work if there is battery
                 Inserted into the phone. Normal phone for e.g. Nokia 1200,
                 the battery contain 3.7 voltage.
2)    Hagar IC = This is for the network, if there is no network available inside
                The phone then the problem could be the Antenna or this IC
                Chip. This chip is use for transmit or receive calls or messages
3)    Charging IC = This the last step to check if there is problems of unable to    
                    Charge the battery. For e.g. if you change the charging
                    Connector and it still does not work then it might be the
                    Charging IC.
4)    Flash IC = This is for the permanent storage of systems of the phone for e.g. in the phone it has the message, phonebook, the extras, the android and many more we cannot delete this system.
5)    RAM IC = with this we can erase the data in the phone. For e.g. the names in the phonebook can be erasable same goes to messages in the message column we can erase it.
6)    User Interface IC = Light, keypad, ringtone and vibrator all are in this IC.
                                   If there are problems with these then after all changes
                                   And repairing still it do not work then the final step will
                                   Be changing the IC
7)    Audio IC = This is used for the ringtone problems, if there is no ringtone in  

                    Then you must change the Audio IC.


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