Are you observing problems with your Symbian phone? If yes, then there is a higher possibility that your phone could be infected with the virus. Symbian phones are usually more prone to viruses, and you may see your phone behaving very strange most of the common creepy stuff happening in Nokia is Automatic SMS sending or files sending to other phones by Bluetooth or Unresponsive Performance, etc. Viruses are not the only reasons that you would perform Hard/Soft reset, there might be cases where your settings have completely been modified, which is affecting the phone performance or usage.
This Guide will help you to restore/Reset Symbian Phone OS by formatting, which would result in removal of all viruses and reset phones to factory settings. Basically, Formatting deletes all files and data and installs a fresh copy of OS, which is stored in ROM.
Note: Before Formatting, Backup your SMS, Setting, Contact, and Any important files. Check our guide on How to backup and restore using PC SUITE.
Formatting/Resetting Nokia Phones are of two types:-

  1. Soft Format
  2. Hard Format

1. Soft Format/Reset:

Soft format will restore back to original settings, i.e. Factory setting.
If you are formatting due to the virus problem, then format your phone using the hard format. There is a minimal effect of Soft format on viruses.
Type *#7370#
– It will asks for security code, enter your security code, Default Code is 12345.
There are two types of Soft format/Reset options:

  • Soft Reset (*#7780#): This is a normal reset. It will load the original settings of the phone. However, it will retain the user’s own data. Like images, music, installed applications, etc..
  • Hard Reset (*#7370#): This method completely reformats the C: drive (Phone Memory). All the user information will be deleted. Like images, music files, installed applications, etc. Hence, the phone is set to the default factory settings.

Data stored on E: drive (MMC) will not be affected by these sequences.
Note: Battery should be fully charged so that it may not run out of power

2. Hard Format/Reset:

Hard format will format your files and Data in phone memory. Hard Format restores the OS firmware from ROM and installs a fresh copy of OS on your Phone. Hard Format/Reset is the best way to format the phone, if the issues are related to viruses or slow performance issue or you forgot device security password, etc. This will delete everything on your phone and will reset to factory settings and return it to the same state as it was in the first time you turned it on. Before doing the hard reset/format, it is suggested that you remove MMC card from phone.
To Format Phone using Hard Format, follow the below steps:
1. Switch OFF the Phone.
2. Now, Press and hold Green Key + “*” + “3” Key buttons.
3. Now, While holding these three buttons, press the power button and switch on the phone. Keep Holding all the key until you see a Formatting screen appear on the Screen. When the screen appears, you can leave the keys and let the format complete until it reaches 100%. (no progress bar or completion procedure shown on later versions of S60V2)
Few S60 phones uses Red Call End Button
Note: Please make sure that your device is fully charged before you proceed with formatting the device. If the battery goes down during this procedure, It may result in an inconsistent state of your device.
All Latest Symbian phones with touch screen like Nokia 5800, Nokia 97, etc. require to use different hard reset buttons to perform Hard Reset/Format.
Hard Reset Nokia 5800:

  • Press simultaneously 4 buttons Green button + Red button + Camera button + Power On/Off button.

Hard Reset Nokia N97:

  • Press simultaneously 4 buttons Power On/Off button + Space Key + Delete key + Caps/shift key

Hard Reset Nokia N8:

  • Press simultaneously 4 buttons Volume Down + Camera Key + Menu Key + Power On/Off button.

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